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Alison Calder Celebrancy

Helping to create meaningful memories

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Wedding celebrant

It is always a privilege to get to know the couple prior to their wedding and to discover the ideas they have to alllow us to create the perfect service which will be as unique as they are themselves.

Funeral service

When we lose a loved one it is of course a very difficult time for everyone involved.  I will spend time with you to learn about the qualities that made your loved one unique and this will allow me to write a script in order to tell their life story with sensitivity.  It is often the case for the family to want to incorporate a poignant story or an amusing anecdote that sums up the character and personality of their dear relation.

Naming ceremonies

A naming ceremony is a celebration of the wonderful union between family and life.  It is an occasion where your family will be officially naming and welcoming someone into your family.  You can share your hopes and dreams for your child, and you may like to share the special significance of their name and why you chose it.  We could include readings and music but it will be your ceremony crafted to your personal ideas and wishes to create an occasion full of meaning and symbolism.

Public Speaking

I have spoken at a wide variety of events over the years, Rotary Clubs, Women's Guilds, Burns Suppers, Gala's and also as a motivational speaker.   If you are needing someone to speak at your event please get in touch.

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Sample script

The scripts I write for my clients are of course private, but this one I wrote as 'Mother of the Bride' for my daughter Rachel.

"I am so proud to be here today as Mother of the Bride, witnessing my daughter Rachel exchanging her wedding vows with her life partner Gary. I know that it also means the world to Rachel’s Gran - Doreen Calder.

I do wish Rachel’s Grandpa could have been here to give Rachel away today - he meant so much to all his Grandchildren - but I know he is looking down on us all today with a huge beaming smile.

Rachel once paid me a huge compliment when she said that the reason Gary had been her only love was because I had raised her to have such high moral standards. ... (she did then ask me why I set my own standards so low!)

Anyway I know I’m not so much losing a daughter as gaining a sixth son - and just to be fair, Gary - you are also gaining five brothers!

From when she was a wee girl Rachel would always like to see her reflection in a mirror or a window - but not with vanity, but very much like Rio - both of them curious about themselves - my precious girl - brimming with confidence with her family and friends - yet a little shy with strangers.

You and Gary were very young when you first met sixteen years ago. You have weathered some tough storms together and stayed by each others side, and I respect you both for that. We only have to look at our wee Rio to see how much love and security there is in your family. Your love and respect for each other is reflected in your wonderful family dynamic.

Children are the greatest gift and we all gain so much and learn so much from our children, I am grateful that I have learned a great deal from you and all your brothers. My precious girl - I could not be more proud of who you have become. I hope that all our memories will add to the closeness we have shared, especially since you became a Mother yourself and I know our relationship will continue to grow and strengthen.

And now that you are all grown up I don’t get to hold your hand so much - but thank you for my Grandson whose hand I get to hold so regularly and who I absolutely adore - I have to say I also love giving him back to his equally adoring parents!  Perhaps you will have another child and maybe you will be as blessed as your Mum was - to have a wee girl - but whatever comes along, you are and always will be a great wee family!

Rachel , Gary and Rio - you will always have my support and that of Rachel's five brothers - we all love you as a couple, and as a family. Also you have now officially become a part of the Beck family who will I’m sure offer you the same love and support. May you both be blessed with much happiness, love and laughter and may today’s joy always be with you. With all our hearts we congratulate the commitment you have made to each other today. Know that we all love you and that we will always be here for you." 

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