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These special occasions are among the most important days of our lives, and it is my pleasure to play my part in bringing my clients vision for that day to life.

Celebrants are professional ceremony officiants who believe in the power and effectiveness of public speaking and ritual.  They collaborate with their clients to create and perform personalised ceremonies that reflect their client's beliefs, philosophy of life and personalities.
Throughout recorded history, humanity has marked special occasions by gathering with others to perform ceremonies and rituals. Civil celebrancy as a concept began in Australia in the 1970s. Since the beginning of the 21st century, celebrants have become a more popular choice for people to conduct their weddings and funerals. Many people have beliefs that do not fit comfortably within established religions, making a celebrant an attractive option to conduct life events, such as weddings, funerals, memorials, naming services and other public speaking events.

A growing number of people are looking to mark these important events with a new type of ceremony that reflects their personal beliefs in a more personalised manner. The role of a celebrant is to augment the legality of the service in a style that suits the couple or family. A celebrant service can include readings, speeches, music, and other elements requested to demonstrate personal beliefs. Culturally we now have an acceptable alternative to religious marriages and funerals. Nowadays, we have the freedom to create ceremonies that truly reflect the personalities of our clients. The ability to more specifically personalise the event makes for a more memorable and rewarding experience for all of those in attendance. 
Planning a ceremony is a collaborative process between the Celebrant and the client, and no two ceremonies are ever the same.  We always take the time to understand the values and belief systems of our clients.
What people like about the role of Celebrant is that, unlike a Humanist ceremony, it allows us to include words that speak of faith or for us to design a completely secular service for our clients, if required. 

A Celebrant has a unique offering, being able to speak at both spiritual and non-religious events or to provide a mix of both to meet your wishes for all of life's most important occasions.

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With a celebrant you get:

A more personalised service

Bespoke and unique service, no two events are ever the same

Inclusion of secular or religious elements as requested

Memorable and spiritual

Able to perform a wider range of services

From lively and fun to respectful and dignified

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